Tech Tools to Grow Your Business – QuickBooks Online

In the world of tech, there are thousands of tools you can use to make your life easier and there are a few that are a perfect fit for the jobs you need to do. These are the tools of your trade. Then there are software applications like QuickBooks Online. QBO is more than a tool; it’s a toolbelt. In addition to being one of the most powerful…

Do Your Books Need a Clean Up? Don’t Wait!

Whether you do your own books, have a bookkeeper on staff, or have an outside professional handle it for you, there is always a chance of errors. Data entry errors, missed entries, misclassification, or even a technical problem with your software can cause problems. (Case in point, QuickBooks Online has had a few such errors lately, resulting in duplicate entries that need to be excluded or deleted.) By themselves, these …

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Useful Bookkeeping Tips for Not Just Lawyers

Whether you’re launching out to start a new practice on your own, or perhaps you’re a seasoned partner in a multi-lawyer firm; ensuring your bookkeeping is properly managed is fundamental to your practice. However, after spending countless hours studying law, most lawyers would rather not be burdened with the meticulous numbers driven aspects of recordkeeping – for some, this can bring about the feeling of a return to post-secondary studies, with accounting as their new major.

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