If you’re an investor in crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you likely have lots of tax questions. It’s a new and complicated area of taxation and the IRS is cracking down on unreported crypto transactions. Some believe that crypto transactions are anonymous and that the IRS will never find out about them. For most, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This video is part 2 of my interview with fellow CPA, Sharon Yip. She is an expert in crypto taxation and her accounting and tax firm uniquely specializes in cryptocurrency taxation for individuals and businesses.

The crypto tax software Sharon recommends is CoinTracking.info. You can sign up here.

For those who want to see the first part of this video wherein Sharon addressed some of the misconceptions about cryptocurrency taxes, you may watch it here.

Sharon is one of the top crypto tax experts in the U.S. She published articles on Bloomberg Tax, has been interviewed by various news media such as CoinDesk, Cryptonews, Morning Brew etc. She has even advised the IRS about crypto tax related issues.

You can contact Sharon Yip, CPA at her website, polygonadvisory.com/ or by email at sharon@polygonadvisory.com.

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