Have you received the new 1099K this year and have no idea why you received one and what you’re supposed to even do with it? Well, you’re not alone.

In this video, my viewer Dave writes:

“What’s confusing is getting a 1099K for non side hustle situations. For example: disposing of excess personal property via Ebay, personal payments to Paypal that didn’t involve sales/services, etc. IE “How to report 1099K’s that are not side hustle related”. A lot of taxpayers will be in for a nasty surprise when Ebay, Paypal, etc start sending 1099k’s next year.”

In this video, I’ll answer these important questions, because it’ll catch a lot of people by surprise. And, I’ll show you how to report the new 1099-K on your tax return, along with some real world examples.

Later in the video, I’ll share my number one reason that you don’t want to ever ignore these 1099Ks.

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